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Autodesk Revit is building information modeling software for architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, machine builders, electricians and plumbers, designers and contractors. The original software was developed by Charles River Software, founded in 1997, renamed Revit Technology Corporation in 2000, and acquired by Autodesk in 2002. With the software, users can design a building and structure and their components in 3D, and a 2D design model can comment on elements and access construction information from a building model database. Revit is a 4D building information model with tools for planning and tracking various phases in a building’s life cycle, from concept to construction to further maintenance and / or demolition.

Disney + Hotstar, also known as Hotstar, is an Indian streaming service from Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Star India. It has two paid VIP subscription levels that focus on domestic programs and sports content (including the Indian Premier League cricket) and a second level Premium with international premium movies and TV series (including HBO, Showtime and others) American original series). By March 2020, Hotstar will have at least 300 million active users.

In February 2020, following Disney’s acquisition of parent company Star India 21st Century Fox in 2019, the company announced plans to integrate its new international streaming brand Disney + into Hotstar in April 2020, given its existing infrastructure and user base for using Hotstar. On April 3, 2020, the platform merged with Disney +.

Hotstar has also launched versions of the service that target international markets and focus on original Star programs and national sports rights (such as IPL), but without content from Disney + or other US partners. These versions only work under the “Hotstar” brand.

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